Metal Wrap Through
C-Si Wrap Through
AVIA based process tools enable highly reliable and precise c-Si wrap through processes.
Superior Reliability & Performance

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Laser based tools can also be configured for ‘Wrap-Through’. This includes both Emitter and Metal Wrap-Through schemes. Here conductive pathways (via’s) are drilled through c-Si cells to allow contacts to be located at the rear of the cells; busbars for MWT and both fingers/busbars for EWT. With a ten-year heritage in drilling Through Silicon Via’s (TSV’s) within the semiconductor industry, the AVIA laser-based laser process tools provide ideal platforms here. Finally, various short-wavelength lasers provide the basis of front surface mask hole openings for etch-barriers, used in new concepts to texture the surfaces of multi-crystalline cells.

AVIA Family of DPSS Lasers
High-power lasers offered at 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm, with output power as high as 45W.