Selective Emitters
c-Si Selective Emitter Formation
Coherent lasers enable highly precise scribing and doping processes for c-Si selective emitter formation.
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Selective Emitters hold perhaps the greatest promise for efficiency enhancement within c-Si cell production. Laser-based tools have various roles within the different schemes already implemented or which form the basis of tomorrow’s high-volume production lines. Laser scribing (with short-wavelength nanosecond AVIA lasers) is performed at the front-end of Laser Grooved Buried Contact (LGBC) cells. Laser-assisted Dopant-Diffusion (either using the residual PSG layer or pre-deposited impurities) enables direct formation of strongly phosphorous doped regions. Here the short pulsewidths and fast (quasi-CW) pulsing from Paladin laser-based tools are ideal for production environments. Laser ‘doping’ can also be performed simultaneously with groove scribing or Dielectric Ablation.

Quasi-CW UV laser portfolio with output powers from 2W to 24W at 355 nm or 532 nm.
Verdi Family of Lasers
Family of low-noise  green  pump lasers, available in an OPSL and DPSS  versions.