Edge Isolation
c-Si Edge Isolation
Laser process tools enable ultra-narrow c-Si line scribing while minimizing sub-surface damages such as microcracking.
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Laser process tools for Edge Isolation all feature AVIA lasers; currently the dominant laser source for c-Si UV-laser Edge Isolation, with over 90% market share. Within laser Edge Isolation, a high-speed scanner directs UV or green nanosecond laser pulses around the perimeter of cells, scribing narrow grooves between the finger grid and the cell edges. The use of short-wavelength laser output enables ultra-narrow scribe lines (<30 μm), reduced ‘dead’ area around the trenches, and minimized sub-surface laser damage. Sub-surface damage – a negative outcome of using long wavelength IR lasers – can include changes to minority carrier lifetimes and bulk microcracking.

AVIA Family of DPSS Lasers
High-power lasers offered at 532, 355 and 266 nm, with output power as high as 45W.