Mounting bracktes

Machine Vision & Structured Light Laser Accessories

A wide variety of accessories for Coherent Machine Vision and Structured Light line lasers.


Fan Angle & Line Length Calculator

Use the fan angle calculator or the
line length calculator to determine the fan angle (the angular spread of the laser beam) or the line length at your desired working distance. More information.

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Technologies to Generate Laser Lines

Free Comparison Note Download


Laser housings, cable lengths, cable types, fan angles and line uniformity can be customized according to your particular needs. Please contact our application engineers for further details.

90° Elbows
For parallel and perpendicular projections.
Interference Filters
Filters made with non-hydroscopic films that are more resistant as compared to standard filters.
Mounting Brackets
Allowing precise alignment and effectively dissipating heat.
Power Supplies
Power supplies for Lasiris line lasers.
power supply
Safety Key Box with Remote Interlock
An extra safety mechanism for your laser.
Universal Voltage Adapter
Adapter transforming voltage for Lasiris Lasers.
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