Flat Top Projector

A laser providing true flat top performance offering smooth spatial variations with very low ripple.


Fan Angle & Line Length Calculator

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line length calculator to determine the fan angle (the angular spread of the laser beam) or the line length at your desired working distance. More information.

Coherent's Flat Top Projector provides true flat top performance with no compromise. It offers very smooth spatial variations with very low ripple, unlike other technologies that use overlapping creating unwanted high frequency interference noise.

In combination with conventional optics and Coherent’s vast array of beam splitting DOEs a wide variety of patterns can be projected very efficiently. The flat top optics is all glass with losses due to reflections only. Using AR coatings, efficiencies of over 98% can be achieved giving you all the power where you want it.

Guassian (Input)

Flat-Top (Output)


  • Very efficient all glass optics
  • Achromatic (from UV to near IR)
  • Very smooth low ripple uniformity profile with no high frequency noise
  • Uniformity coefficient of variation of better than 1% achievable
  • High aspect ratios available off the shelf
  • High uniformity edge steepness
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